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I’ve had the great pleasure of working in the Systems Integration Industry for more than 20 years. I have worked on just about every type of project there is, from schools, restaurants, and museums to hockey stadiums. I’ve worked on $100M homes, and $90M homes, and $80M homes… You get the picture. I’ve performed all the jobs, too. Field work to engineering, programming and project management, operations and finance management, and I’ve even been the President of a national dealer association. I’ve seen businesses from every angle, young and dumb all the way to founding and selling a successful high-end integration firm.

Through my career, I learned that there isn’t much of a playbook for these businesses. We chose EOS® to help our own business with that, and experienced a huge evolution in the business, even tripling our net profits the year we implemented. So now, in my life after owning an integration firm, I want to bring EOS® to as many other entrepreneurs as I can, because I know what it is to break free of the struggle and really get what you want out of your business.

Professional EOS Implementer®

Coach, Teacher, Facilitator

We provide expert coaching, teaching, and facilitation services for organizations that wish to implement EOS®.

Consistent Results

Armed with a proven process which enables us to produce consistent, outstanding results in the most effective way. 

Quality Standards

We consistently meet quality standard metrics to maintain the status of Professional EOS Implementer®.

Continuing Education

We regularly participate in continuing education within the community of focused Professional EOS Implementers®.

Hand Picked

Hand picked and trained by EOS® World Wide. The designation requires high performance and great results.

Transform Your Business With EOS®!

Helping organizations clarify,
simplify, and achieve their vision.

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Jim Bras is an Entrepreneur, Service Business Founder, and Coach who helps enable teams to define and achieve their goals by educating business leaders about EOS®, a business operating system that consistently delivers results.

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