There is an endless, sometimes hopeless feeling of stress when you as a business owner can’t quite keep up with the new tasks and issues being added to your plate every day. Service companies in particular struggle with this “never-ending story.”

It can become the ceiling that holds you back from the next level of success that you envision for your business. As a leader in these situations, it can become even more frustrating to watch your team and employees as they struggle to keep up and continuously feel bogged down.

A common question arises during goal setting with leadership teams in this situation. “How can we possibly make time for bigger goals when we can’t keep up with the fires that need to be put out every day?”

If you are a leader in this situation, there is hope. When we are confronted with this tough and sometimes emotional issue in sessions, it is time to step back and make sure the team is looking at two things: structure and accountability. Everyone in the organization needs to be clear on their function within the team. Next, we define and crystalize what each of those functions is accountable for.

This is where the issues really start to surface. By the end of a deep dive into structure and accountability, there are enough answers to set goals around reducing firefighting and alleviating stress.

If you find yourself or your company in a situation like this, please reach out to Jim at Empowering Organization today. We are more than happy to help.