If you are struggling with business processes and inefficiencies, one of the problems you face might be employee productivity.

Getting better productivity from your employees can increase your company’s scaling potential and also create more opportunities for growth. Here are some tips on how to increase employee productivity.

  1. Uniting Vision – It seems unimportant, but if you can get your employees to band together, working toward a unified vision or goal, it will motivate them to be more productive.
  2. Increasing Personal Stakes – By adding personal stake or investment to the mix, your employees will feel a push to work at their maximum potential. You can practically implement this by offering bonuses, commissions, or percentages in the company.
  3. Creating Efficient Procedures – Everyone gets frustrated by inefficient procedures, so if you have a policy that your employees must follow that makes them work harder rather than smarter, it might not be their fault that productivity is low. Fix the procedure and watch your company soar!
  4. Get a Coach – Jim at Empowering Organization can help your entire company get more productivity and better results with the EOS® Model and EOS® Toolkit.

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