Every business owner makes annual goals for themselves and their business. They write it down on their vision boards and then forget about it until most of the year is gone, so they start to cram it all in to finish before the year is up and wonder why they are overwhelmed.

There are different ways to accomplish your annual goals that won’t leave you tearing your hair out at the end of every year. Instead of scrambling to jam an entire year’s goal into Q4, you can break it up into several large chunks, or as some people have called them before, your “Big Rocks.”

Big Rocks are the tasks, goals, and priorities that you absolutely must accomplish with your time. Your time is finite, and if you fill it with small pebbles (tasks that take up your time but shouldn’t) then you’ll end up with no time for the larger priorities that you needed to address. This will cause you unnecessary stress and worry.

Using the principle of Big Rocks, we can filter the small tasks we have to do through our bigger quarterly goals, and it’s much easier to see what we should be working on and maybe what we shouldn’t.

Remember, not everything goes the way you planned, so make sure you review how you did on those Rocks at the end of each quarter and adjust your plan so that you get those annual goals done throughout the year instead of waiting and stacking the work up at the end.

For help with managing your time and your annual goals, and for practical advice on how to break up your annual goals into Big Rocks each quarter, contact Empowering Organization today.