The EOS Process™ has been proven
to provide high quality results
to almost
10,000 companies.

Getting Started

Select an Implementer

Select someone to play the essential role of EOS® Implementer and guide your Leadership Team through the process. This can be a person on your Leadership Team, or a Professional EOS Implementer®. We recommend a Professional EOS® Implementer for the best experience and results.

The 90 Minute Meeting

This crucial step introduces your Leadership Team to the concepts and methods of implementing EOS®. It allows them to get clear on the path ahead and move forward with confidence and understanding.

Creating Focus & Clarity

The Focus Day™

The first of 3 foundational, full-day sessions with your Leadership Team. Together, we will clarify who is responsible for what, set priorities, improve communications, resolve issues, and track critical numbers. You will leave with a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished.

Vision Building™ Day 1

We come back together 30 days later for the second foundational full-day session. We start by reviewing and sharpening the Focus Day™ tools. Then, we get to work clarifying and documenting your vision using the revolutionary Vision/Traction Organizer™ tool.

Vision Building™ Day 2

We come back together again, 30 days later for the third foundational full-day session. We start by reviewing and sharpening the tools taught thus far. Then, we finish documenting the goals and plan on the Vision/Traction Organizer™ tool.

60 Days in and crystal clear

The foundational work is complete. Your Leadership Team is crystal clear on where they are going and how they are going to get there. They have a system of accountability to keep them on track. They know how to guide the culture in the desired direction.

Staying on Course

Quarterly Sessions

A day with your leadership team to recalibrate with results from the quarter, create new milestones to keep on track, and practice mastery of the EOS Toolbox™.

Annual Sessions

Two days with your Leadership Team each year to work on team health, review and revise your vision, and set goals.

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Jim Bras is an Entrepreneur, Service Business Founder, and Coach who helps enable teams to define and achieve their goals by educating business leaders about EOS®, a business operating system that consistently delivers results.

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