The EOS Model™ and
The Six Key Components™

The EOS Model™ is comprised of the Six Key Components™ present in any business. This framework allows Entrepreneurs and their Leadership Teams to understand identify the business’ strengths and weaknesses. By mastering the tools in the EOS Toolbox™ to strengthen each of these components, we are able to create a well rounded and truly great business.

How Strong Is Your Organization
In the Six Key Components™?

Use the Organizational Checkup™ to see where your strengths and weaknesses are.

The EOS Toolbox™

A complete set of simple tools we use to strengthen the Six Key Components™. Introduction and mastery of the tools in the EOS Toolbox™ is all built in to the EOS Proven Process. Learn how to use the right tools at the right time.

The Traction Library

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is documented in the book Traction.

How Does It All Come Together?

Helping organizations clarify,
simplify, and achieve their vision.

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About Us

Jim Bras is an Entrepreneur, Service Business Founder, and Coach who helps enable teams to define and achieve their goals by educating business leaders about EOS®, a business operating system that consistently delivers results.

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