In the fitness and sports world, athletes in various disciplines train their bodies and minds to be the best they can be at their respected positions in order to win the big game or competition.

In many cases, athletes can hit a plateau where their bodies and minds tend not to build themselves up anymore due to the human ability to adapt — ceasing internal and external growth.

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Due to this ceasing, professional athletes have to cross-train in other physical and mental areas in order to break that plateau to get their bodies to respond and continue to build.

In a business sense, this cross-training can help team members grow both in their professional and personal lives. 

How does cross-training improve your professional and personal life? 

In order to scale a small business, it’s important to cross-train your employees and in other areas — related to theirs — which will improve their daily production and morale. 

For instance, one of my clients is a digital marketing agency. At Empowering Organization, I make sure that the sales and client management departments take an hour or so per week and work alongside the website designers, pay-per-click specialists and search engine optimization managers to understand the important work they conduct each day. 

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When new inter-departmental education has been introduced to the team, knowledge is gained and the bond between co-workers strengthens. 

Knowing what and how your co-workers execute their daily tasks allows the client-facing departments to answer tougher questions about your company’s policies and best practices.

In the event, a co-worker leaves the company, this cross-training method allows a solid fraction of their knowledge to stick around. This helps when your business scales and the workload increase. Not all the work responsible has to fall on a single person.