The best leaders in business are not necessarily the people who have the solution for every problem, but the people who know when they need to seek advice. Most of these people have several advisors that they trust that they will turn to when they need help with an issue. As a business person you might be seeking advice from a professional. You might be wondering what the difference between a business coach and a business consultant is. While they might seem the same, there are some differences.

A business consultant is hired by a business owner to provide answers to any challenges that the business might be facing. A business coach is a person that will help an owner arrive at solutions themselves. Essentially, consultants will tell you how you can make your business run better and a business coach will help you learn over time to come up with these solutions on your own.

Most often business consultants focus on specific areas such as customer service, logistics improvement, or marketing. Consultants are great for short term solutions, but a business coach will make you a better business person for the long term.