Launch the next evolution of your business.

Make your vision crystal clear. Empower your team to take full responsibility and work with accountability, everyday. Ensure you have the right people in the right seats and maintain a team who truly enjoys working together.


Running Low on
Patience, Profit
or Performance?

As a business owner, you should be proud of the business you’ve built. It took a lot of time and effort to get this far. The team may not be perfect, but you probably have some superstars that keep things moving. Some areas of the business work and some need work. You know that the potential of your business is great, but the team hasn’t aligned enough to get there.

If you want to grow and have concerns about what it will do to your team or time, we can help.


What do you
need help with?

  • Reducing time in meetings and directing employees
  • Being able to unplug and take time off with confidence
  • Reducing fire fighting and increase productivity
  • Spreading accountability beyond a handful of key people
  • Creating a solid foundation for growth and scalability
  • Implementing a proven management system to attract buyers or investors
  • Maintaining the status quo

Who We Help

We work directly with entrepreneurs and leadership teams who employ 10 to 250 team members. If that fits and you are ready to be open and honest, and get vulnerable to unlock the great potential of your team, let’s talk. We are ready to help out with a proven system that will deliver what you want from your business.


What We Offer

  • Your vision, clarified and fully understood by the entire company
  • A more disciplined and accountable team, executing to every part of your vision
  • Your employees organized as a happy, healthy, cohesive team
  • Increased business value for all of your hard work

What We Do


We teach the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. A complete system, with a simple set of tools to crystalize your vision, create traction in achieving that vision, and set a foundation for healthy, functional teams.


We bring the content, facilitate the process, and help you implement EOS®. We ask the right questions to align your team and get the results you want from your business.


Throughout the process, we support you and your team by providing perspective, helping the team stay accountable, and acting as a guide to achieving your vision. Our approach uses EOS®, and our coaching use compassion.

Helping organizations clarify,
simplify, and achieve their vision.

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Laguna HIlls, CA 92653


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About Us

Jim Bras is an Entrepreneur, Service Business Founder, and Coach who helps enable teams to define and achieve their goals by educating business leaders about EOS®, a business operating system that consistently delivers results.

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